loads, loading, loaded
1) VERB If you load a vehicle or a container, you put a large quantity of things into it.

[V n] The three men seemed to have finished loading the truck...

[V n with n] Mr. Dambar had loaded his plate with lasagne...

[V n with n] Soldiers were loaded with blankets and supplies...

[V n into/onto n] They load all their equipment into backpacks...

[V-ed] She deposited the loaded tray.

Derived words:
loading N-SING usu the N of n

...the loading of baggage onto international flights.

Load up means the same as load.

V n P I've just loaded my truck up... V P n (not pron) The giggling couple loaded up their red sports car and drove off... V P n with n We loaded up carts with all the blankets, bandages, medication, water we could spare... Also V n P with/into/onto n V P n into/onto n She loaded up his collection of vintage wines into crates.

2) N-COUNT A load is something, usually a large quantity or heavy object, which is being carried.

He drove by with a big load of hay...

He was carrying a very heavy load.

3) N-COUNT A load is a quantity of clothes or sheets which need washing and which are washed together in a washing machine.

I put another load in the washing machine.

4) QUANT: QUANT of n-uncount/pl-n (emphasis) If you refer to a load of people or things or loads of them, you are emphasizing that there are a lot of them. [INFORMAL]

I've got loads of money...

His people came up with a load of embarrassing information...

I used to read loads of Asterix books.

...a load of kids.

a lot of, lots of
PHRASE: usu PHR after v, v-link PHR You can use a load of to refer to people or things which you do not like. For example, if you say that something is a load of rubbish, you are emphasizing that you think it is no good at all or not true at all. (emphasis) [INFORMAL]

I've never heard such a load of nonsense...

Personally, I think that's a load of garbage!

5) VERB When someone loads a weapon such as a gun, they put a bullet or missile in it so that it is ready to use.

[V n] I knew how to load and handle a gun...

[V-ed] He carried a loaded gun...

[V-ed] They were quite safe because they weren't loaded.

6) VERB To load a camera or other piece of equipment means to put film, tape, or data into it so that it is ready to use.

[V n with n] A photographer from the newspaper was loading his camera with film...

[V n into/onto/on n] A technician loads a video tape into one of the machines...

[V n into/onto/on n] The data can subsequently be loaded on a computer for processing.

7) N-COUNT You can refer to the amount of work you have to do as a load.

She's taking some of the load off the secretaries.

8) N-COUNT The load of a system or piece of equipment, especially a system supplying electricity or a computer, is the extent to which it is being used at a particular time.

An efficient bulb may lighten the load of power stations...

Several processors can share the load of handling data in a single program.

9) N-SING The load on something is the amount of weight that is pressing down on it or the amount of strain that it is under.

Some of these chairs have flattened feet which spread the load on the ground...

High blood pressure imposes an extra load on the heart.

10) See also loaded
a load off your mindsee mind
Phrasal Verbs:

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